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My name is Heidi, mother of 2 children and I have a passion for psychological themes and psychosocial assistance. I’ve obtained a Bachelor in “social work” in 1995 at the “Sociale Hogeschool KVMW” in Ghent and I worked for several years within the commercial business as a human resources employee where I was responsible for personnel administration and the recruitment and selection of employees within an international group of companies

Despite this exciting job, “my heart” went out to work within the social sector and in 2008 I’ve obtained the diploma of Bachelor Nursingoption Social Nursing – at the “Erasmushogeschool” in Jette. I have more than 15 years of professional experience in the psychosocial assistance and social-administrative support of oncological patients.

heidi vanderstraeten

In addition to the psychological burden that an oncological disease entails, patients can also suffer from other problems in various areas (relational, family, professional, financial, etc.). The many years of experience with these patients in combination with the experience as a human resources employee has given me a solid basis “to coach” and to offer “social & administrative support”.

I’ve also followed the accredited training courses of Life coach (NHA – Antwerp) Burn-out coach (CIVAS – Antwerp),  Allround Stress & Burn-out coach (“Centrum voor Avondonderwijs” – Antwerp) with special interest because I also suffered from a burn-out myself after a longer period of chronic stress. Because of this experience, I know how valuable and important professional support can be.

In addition to these courses I’ve obtained a diploma in Clinical Psychology at the Center for Distance Learning.

I’m a certified coach at the Belgian Professional Association of Therapists & Coaches.

Everyone is different and therefore there are no methods or techniques that appeal to every person and can offer the great solution. My professional experience as well as my education and my own burn-out period have taught me that an individual support program given by an expert in coaching with whom you feel a personal “positive connection” can effectively ensure that you ultimately help yourself.

Step by step you help yourself by consciously (re)discovering your own positive power and learning to use it optimally. The focused, (self)reflective and confrontational questioning of the coach acts as a “mirror” for yourself. The coach can also give you advice and learn important basic exercises that you can use in daily life to achieve emotional awareness and relaxation.

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