1. Stress and Burn-out coaching

You may find yourself in an emotionally difficult period due to all kinds of reasons: serious illness, overload at work, relationship problems in your private life or at work, divorce, loss of a loved one, a sudden difficult event, financial problems, transition period (midlife) and therefore have to deal with all kinds of unpleasant feelings and consequences such as:

  • severe fatigue and lethargy
  • feeling of exhaustion
  • no longer being able to do pleasant activities
  • lack of pleasure and “lightness” in life
  • constant feeling of tension and agitation
  • being easily irritated and frustrated
  • tendency to cry
  • anxious, gloomy or depressed feelings and thoughts
  • difficulty to sleep or suffering from insomnia
  • physical complaints such as regular headaches / migraine, abdominal pain, stomach discomfort, muscle pains, palpitations, etc.
  • have a mentally “empty” feeling or a feeling of “burn out”

Within a safe and trusting environment, I want to offer you a listening ear, where you can tell your story and talk about the physical complaints, mental difficulties and problems that you experience in daily life.

Then we will look deeper and reflect: where do the physical complaints come from, how can we explain the problems you are facing within your daily life.

Based on this self-reflection, we look at your personal abilities and positive ways that enable you to deal with these difficulties and to cope with daily or regular problems. It is about “rediscovering” your “inner positive power” that is always deep within yourself, so that you can live your life with the necessary “confidence” and “belief in yourself”.

2. Life coaching

You can be at an important crossroads in your life and ask yourself “which direction should I go now?” (for example: a change of study choice, work, relationship, relocation, etc.) because you want to make the right choices for yourself and become the best version of “yourself” as well as possible.

Together we will look for what is really important to you in life, your vision of life, your personal values and goals and check whether or not your currently chosen life path fits in this reflection and what options there may be so that you can make the choices that contribute to your mental well-being.

3. Social & administrative support

In an emotionally difficult period you often have no longer the energy to focus on practical and administrative issues that have to be arranged monthly and are absolutely necessary, such as follow-up of bills and invoices to be paid, administration concerning an illness or social benefits, filling in documents, etc. Administrative matters are also increasingly digitized.

We can look together which social and administrative needs are important for you at the moment and I can offer you assistance in planning your social and administrative priorities (making a plan of action), looking for information, referring you specifically to the competent authorities, contacting organizations, digital assistance, etc.

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